Effective Meetings: Design and Facilitation

ALCEMIS designs and facilitates effective meetings where we help you unleash the passion, power and potential of your people toward what matters.  Meetings need a design and structure that allows diverse voices to share their varied ideas.  Diverse teams can provide better solutions but also require greater leadership and facilitation skills to guide the conversation as well as address potential conflicts.

Meeting Design and Facilitation

ALCEMIS facilitates teams through sessions in creative visioning, strategy development, creative problem solving, ideation, planning, team building, conflict resolution, project kick-off and follow-through and more.

Creative Visioning

To get where or what you want, you need a vision of your “destination”. We help you tap into your imagination so that you can creatively articulate what you want to achieve. We may engage you to create a vision video with images, words and music that brings your vision to life.We may engage you to create story and metaphor of your desired state with the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® process and methodology, which engages both your right and left brain through play to help you address real business concerns. Other creative tools we may use include, but are not limited to: Empathic Metaphor, Newspaper Headline or Clearing the Senses.

Strategic Planning

Once you have a vision of your destination or goal, you need a plan to help you achieve success. Morgen Witzel says that strategy is “the art of the possible”. Craft a strategic plan that will help you achieve your vision of what is possible. If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. Without an initial strategy and plan, you won’t know how to even begin to move forward on your journey. Yes, roadblocks and obstacles may appear on your path. With a strategy and plan, along with some adaptability, though, you can make new choices to help you overcome the obstacles and achieve your vision.

Creative Problem Solving, Ideation and Planning

Create solutions that address the right challenge or problem…How often do you or your teams jump from an initial problem or challenge to execution without exploring the real problem or challenge?  In doing so, you may be solving the wrong problem or challenge and wasting precious time, energy and money. When moving through a creative problem solving process, you take the time for exploration and clarification of the real problems and challenges before you brainstorm solution ideas.  You evaluate and prototype options and select the best one(s) before creating plans for execution.

Team Building and Conflict Resolution

We integrate creative problem solving tools and individual and team profiles into meeting design and facilitation to help you build teams and resolve conflicts when clashes occur.  Oftentimes, conflicts occur because of misunderstandings in how people think or act.  Understanding the self and others with the help of individual and team profiles goes a long way in helping people learn to adapt and connect with each other.  Conflicts may occur when interests clash.  LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and creative problem solving tools move people toward alignment on shared interests and objectives, allowing them to generate solutions and move forward.

Leading Projects from Kick-off to Completion

The best-laid plans can fall apart with ineffective execution.  Project plans need to be created, monitored, assessed and modified as you travel toward your vision of success. Effectively leading projects or programs is a key component to successful strategy and project execution. We offer project leadership for action follow-up, to monitor progress and to assist with issue resolution. We can also partner with your project managers to build their project leadership capabilities, ensuring that your organization has the internal execution capabilities going forward.