Tools & Ideas

ALCEMIS incorporates these and other tools into our work:

3D Solution Design Process™ – an experiential and facilitated process that helps you apply creative, strategic and design thinking to deliver results by (1) breaking habitual thought patterns that prevent you from seeing, developing and implementing valuable opportunities, (2) releasing your creative potential to generate more ideas and (3) improving your ability to take thoughtful risks

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® – a facilitated communication, thinking and problem solving methodology that enhances creativity, innovation, alignment and business performance through purposeful and “serious” play

Creatrix® – measures individual and team propensity for creativity and risk-taking, both of which are crucial for innovation

The IDEACT™ Process – a proprietary process initially designed for how ALCEMIS works with clients; can be modified to help clients develop their own innovation or design thinking process

In addition to these preferred tools, we have partnerships and strategic alliances with thought leaders across the globe – all focused on positively helping clients build aligned organizations and achieve sustainable growth.

Suggested book and web links are also available under Resources.