What We Do

Solve Complex Challenges.
Build Your Brand at Its Core.
Drive Sustainable Growth.

Leaders with an improvement mindset who want to deliver sustainable growth for their organizations work with ALCEMIS to imagine, create and deliver meaningful innovative solutions to their complex challenges.

ALCEMIS sparks and guides the thinking and acting necessary to build aligned organizations with employees that effectively live the brand promise.  This is brand building at its core.

We like working with clients who desire to develop better solutions for better work and a better world.  This is about doing well by doing good.  We look at sustainable growth as growing in a way that benefits people, planet and profits symbiotically.

ALCEMIS Services

Clients engage ALCEMIS for help with strategic change, creative solution design, experience design and leadership.  We help you think and act differently to innovate, shift, change, lead and grow.

  • Strategic Change
  • Creative Solution Design and Experience Design
  • Leadership

A primary way in which we engage with clients is our design and facilitation of effective meetings.  From facilitating creative visioning and strategic planning to creative solution design and ideation to team building and conflict resolution to project kick off and leading projects, ALCEMIS designs and facilitates meeting experiences that emphasize:

  • Creative and Design Thinking
  • Critical Thinking
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Thoughtful Risk-Taking
  • Deliberate Decision Making
  • Collaboration
  • Action and Follow Up

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The ALCEMIS Difference – Clarify. Create. Cultivate.

ALCEMIS helps leaders and teams create and deliver meaningful and innovative solutions.  You build the organizational agility needed to effectively anticipate and respond to your market and customer needs. 

  • Clarify real challenges and opportunities
  • Create meaningful innovative solutions
  • Cultivate amazing leaders, engaged employees and raving fans

When you work with ALCEMIS, you improve your capacity to innovate and adapt, allowing your organization to grow and thrive.

Leaders and teams:

  • Spend time and money wisely by working on the right challenges and opportunities
  • Explore and clarify challenges BEFORE jumping into developing solution ideas
  • Improve capacity for effective solution design and implementation
  • Learn and apply creative skills and processes to business and organizational challenges
  • Improve ability to take thoughtful and considered risks by making better decisions
  • Develop capacity for creative, change and project leadership
  • Build innovative cultures
  • Improve collaboration
  • Improve ability to create and deliver solutions that add value, i.e. improved innovation

resulting in:

  • Better Solutions for Better Work and a Better World
  • Engaged Employees
  • Raving Fans
  • Sustainable Growth

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