FactorE™ 3D Solutions

Deliver Solutions that Matter

Is your organization delivering the BEST, ON-TARGET, PURPOSEFUL and VALUABLE solutions that make customers drool, tweet your praises and pay you to bring them joy over and over?  RIGHT NOW?

Perhaps the ideas your organization generates are same old, same old.  Perhaps you start projects but they take too long to get to market?  Have your creative muscles atrophied?

How often do your teams rally around a challenge, ask a few questions, have a “brainstorming” meeting to come up with a few ideas and then pick the one idea that they can implement the fastest and cheapest?

Does “fastest and cheapest” really address the biggest challenges or needs?  Where are the BEST ideas that create purposeful and mutually beneficial solutions?

Be BOLD for Great Design & Innovative Solutions

Are you ready to be BOLD and move your organization to wildly successful results?  If so, bring FactorE™ 3D Solutions to your organization!

  • Improve ability to imagine and create new solutions that deliver value
  • Improve team collaboration
  • Improve decision making
  • Improve planning and commitment to action

FactorE™ 3D Solutions builds skills beyond just brainstorming.  Great design and innovation go beyond brainstorming a lot of ideas.  Ideas only make a difference when you implement those that add value.

Making better decisions about what is or could be valuable requires you to break habitual patterns of thought to see more possibilities and new patterns.

With conscious effort, you can build your creative muscles and skills, allowing you to continually see new patterns, make new connections and make better decisions – leading your organization to create and deliver meaningful innovative solutions for sustainable growth.

Curious to know more…Check out our FREE 20-30 minute Creative Challenge Sprint™.  In just 20-30 minutes we’ll sprint through an abbreviated exploration and clarification of a challenge you face today.

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FactorE™ 3D Solutions

The FactorE™ 3D Solutions approach incorporates ALCEMIS’ Constructive Collaboration Model with our 3D Solution Design Process™.  Teams can be facilitated through the 3D Solution Design Process and/or be trained to facilitate others in the process.

FactorE™ 3D Solutions is an interactive program where participants learn and practice the 3D Solution Design Process™ and skills that improve ideation, collaboration and innovation.  It is an integration of creative thinking and problem solving skills.

Creative thinking involves curiosity, intellectual playfulness, introspection, metaphor, tolerance for ambiguity and imagination.  Creative thinkers see patterns and make connections.  They combine fluent and flexible divergent thinking with critical, convergent thinking and make better decisions about which ideas to move forward.