The IDEACT™ Process

Innovate and Change Strategically when you IDEACT™

  • Use Insights to feed the Imagination.
  • Design and Execute high-value solutions.
  • Assess progress to identify areas for Change.
  • Achieve a transformed organization that Thrives.

On your quest to thrive, it is vital to begin with insights into customer needs and wants in order to design solutions that deliver mutual benefit to interested stakeholders. Utilize tools like strategy, change leadership, communication, training, and project execution as you implement solutions. Analyze results and look for opportunities for change; this helps to build in continuous learning and adaptability, so that employees think and act in new ways that continue to build on both “failures” and successes, leading the organization to thrive on sustainable growth.

Bob owns ABC, a medium-sized business serving the housing industry. He started his business 22 years ago when he invented a unique product that solved a problem in the marketplace. His company has been making that product for several years with little competition. No one has been able to replicate its functionality, although they have tried.

ABC has released very few new products over the years as a result of its success. In the early years, sales grew exponentially. Over the last 5-7 years, sales hit a plateau then grew again with the housing boom. However, with current market conditions, Bob realizes that if ABC does not develop new product and service solutions, ABC will falter. ABC can no longer hang their hat on their premier product to achieve sustainable growth.

Bob knows he and ABC need to think and act differently to grow. ABC engages ALCEMIS to help them develop a customized innovation process and methodology based on the IDEACT™ model. By following their innovation processes, ABC generates and launches two new products within 18 months and fills their pipeline with additional ideas now in the exploration phase.