Think Innovatively in Design

A colleague on a LinkedIn group recently submitted this question: “What are some techniques for helping leaders in organizations really think innovatively in the design process?” Here are some techniques I suggested to think innovatively in the design process: A key element of innovation is design for mutual benefit to create value. At the beginning of the design process, identify...

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Future belongs to Design not Communication

I just read an interesting article on the Sustainable Brands website about the importance of designing for meaningful experiences in the context of what consumers (“human beings”) really want.  It is the EXPERIENCE we have because of things – not things – that matters.  Thus, Steven Johnson advocates that we focus on designing for meaningful experience (whether it is a...

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Dieter Rams on Design

Check out this Dieter Rams (world-famous designer, I mean architect) interview on Fast Company’s Co.Design: A few insights from Rams: Design should be about making our lives a little bit easier and better. His credo: “Less but better.” He advocates that...

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