Change Management

In All Seriousness, Play to Perform with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

I guest blogged for LearningLens, Inc.  The topic…LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®.  Yes, play IS good for business.  Trade in your stuffy, boring, unproductive meetings for engaging, focused, fun and productive meetings. Engaging teams with the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology during business meetings helps to: Create strategies rooted in shared insights Uncover real wants and needs Align on...

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The Power of Networks: Leverage Keyhubs

In 2009 I wrote a review of Linked by Albert-László Barabási for the MN Organization Development Network’s Voices newsletter.  I brought it up recently in a meeting about a social network analysis (SNA) tool from Keyhubs because Linked helps to explain the history behind and the power of networks. Click here for the full Linked Book Review Book Review Excerpt From the beginning of my...

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Beliefs blind us to alternatives – impact on change and ideation

I just read a short article by Marilyn Schlitz, PhD, titled Why We Can Be Dogmatically Against Things We Know Nothing About in the newest issue of Spirituality & Health (March – April 2010).  A few things grabbed my attention.  First, Ms. Schlitz writes: “new discoveries in neuroscience, social psychology, and anthropology offer provocative insights into the barriers of...

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