VIVA SCRIBAVOX™ – Give Voice to the Writings of Life™

Give voice to the writings of life.

You are invited to participate in a 4-session pilot program that Cindy Wold and I are delivering called Viva ScribaVox™.

The words are in there.  They float around in your mind, in your heart, wanting to come out.  Maybe you have put mind to ink already.  Or, maybe you hesitate, thinking “I’m not that creative”.  You are. Creative.  We all are creative.  But we often hesitate and hold back because we’ve been trained that way.  Yet, the creative impulse is alive in all of us.

For anyone who has said, “I want to write,” Viva ScribaVox invites you to do just that…write.  Write more.  Write what you have to say – want to say – need to say.  And, share it with others.  Anything qualifies: poetry, journaling, story, reporting, business communications, etc.

Viva ScribaVox (VSV) is a unique approach to a writing group.  Our intent is to encourage writing and to create a safe space for you to freely express your creative urge, experiment with what you are compelled to say, connect with others who desire to create and learn from each other.

The VSV program is NOT about critiquing your writing, teaching you a pre-defined structure for writing, honing it for publication or improving technical writing.

Ready to write, register now:

Want to know more? Check out this invite: Viva ScribaVox Pilot Invite


“My time with Viva ScribaVox was, in a word, amazing! The environment was positive and supportive, the conversations were rich and engaging, and confidence in my writing abilities improved dramatically. One of the really exciting things was how Laura and Cindy heard things in what I had written that never would have occurred to me, and vice versa. This led to a wildfire of rich and dynamic learning for all of us, where Scriba Vox (putting voice to our writing) created the heat, and our joint commitment to creating and sustaining a positive and supportive sharing environment the fuel. This combination allowed for the emergence of that magical spark, bringing Scriba Vox to life (Viva).” ~Megan Rounds, former Scriba Diva

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